Redhead Upkeep and fringey styling

So if you’re reading this I can only assume you either are a redhead or are attempting to become a fellow cinnamon girl – i thought since this blog post is LONG over due I’d finally sit down and chat to you lovelies about keeping your ginger locks vibrant in between salon (or home dye) […]

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Grab life by the balls and RUN

A few weeks ago i made what is probably going to be one of the biggest decisions of my life and handed my notice in from my bar job to become completely self employed. It was something i’d been considering for a long time and it’s also something i’ve wanted to  do for a little […]

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My top 5 feel good summer tracks!

Music is a huge part of my life and I’m sure many other people feel the same! I thought since the beaut summer time is creeping up on us, I’d do a lovely feel good post on my top 5 summer tracks that just make me wanna burst with joy! Be sure to check them […]

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Taking opportunities FT Barbour international shoot

I recently went for breakfast with the wonderful loves at Barbour international which included a quick Q & A and a shoot (and LOADSA tea and pancakes) Barbour international are a stand alone brand which has both men and womens clothes inspired by the classic biker look which is both effortless and stylish. I was lucky […]

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The sheepskin coat + Exciting news

On Monday i was lucky enough to get the morning off, travel down to Leeds and meet the lovely photographer Adriana to have some coffee and shoot some photos! I also got some news a few weeks ago that the company Motel Rocks wanted me to work with them and become a brand ambassador, which […]

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Edinburgh & 24 Royal Terrace review

Robbie and i finally managed to go on a little holiday again for my 22nd birthday, so of course what better place to visit than the absolutely beaut Scottish city Edinburgh. I actually hadn’t visited Edinburgh for about 7 years so it was real nice going back and remembering little bits and bobs about it. […]

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It’s COOL to be yourself

I thought I’d do another blog post on my thoughts on something, and this somethings pretty damn big to me because i feel like it’s an important thing to address. I do usually end up rambling a bit on posts like this so apologies if you’re hoping for me to get straight down to it […]

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3 nights in LONDON & PATD

If you know me quite well you’ll know i’m absolutely in love with London so i thought i’d treat Robbie and myself to a few nights away to see one of my all time favourite bands since i was 12 – Panic at the disco who were playing over at Alexandra Palace (which is one […]

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Our trip to YORK

I recently got a week off my full time job as holiday so Robbie and I decided to treat ourselves and spend 2 days in the wonderful York! I’m pretty happy as the weather was good to us and didn’t rain at all, which is helpful when you’re spending a good 9 hours wandering around. We […]

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My story: world mental health day 

I’ve been on the fence about writing this for a while as its quite close to my heart. But I’ve had a few positive conversations about it the past couple of weeks and since its world mental health day I thought I’d finally share it with you all.  I suffered with anxiety and depression for […]

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