The big question about: HAIR

So i thought I’d finally do a blog post on my hair since i get a god awful amount of questions on it. Before i start though i have to quickly add in that I’m not a professional hair dresser, i don’t really know what i’m doing and my hair is also not in AMAZING quality.

I’ve pretty much always dyed and cut my hair myself (risky biz i know) but I’ve just never found a super good hairdresser that knows exactly what i want so it’s just easier this way: this is the part where hairdressers come at me guns blazing ready to offer their services for pumpkin hair please.

I had a blonde ombre for a good 3 years or so and i bloody loved it, but deep down i always wanted to be a lil ginge so it was always lingering in the back of my mind. At first i was pretty cautious about dying my hair orange because once you’ve got it it’s the absolute devil to get rid of so i started with dying the blonde first with Garner Olia Intense copper just to be safe.

It took a good month or so for it to actually start being ginger instead of a mucky blonde so be prepared to dye it gradually and be patient as it will fade pretty quickly to start off with! I’d also advise you to smother your hair in coconut oil for half an hour or so once a week to keep it healthy and make sure you’re buying a shampoo and conditioner that helps lock in colour to keep it fresh as a daisy. It also helps washing your hair with luke warm water to keep the colour in for a little longer than usual! I would normally dye it around once a month but if I can hold off for a little longer I do try, just so I give my hair time to repair from damage. 

If you can’t find Garnier Olia in shops near you all i can advise is getting a more orange based hair dye than a red (you’ll know exactly what i mean when you’re in the shop with the hair dyes staring at you dead in the eye) I’ll add a small section at the end of this post with a list of dyes I’d recommend using for a ginger tone like mine. 

Just a little note for all you aspiring red heads, please please look after your hair in this process. Ginger is one of the hardest colours to keep on top of and can leave your hair in an absolute state if not done correctly.

List of products I recommend:

Garnier Olia Intense Copper

Prodigy Vermillion

Nutrisse Red Copper



5 thoughts on “The big question about: HAIR

  1. Man I’d love to do your hair. Im a hairdresser and also rock the orange locks. For not being a professional though your color is on point. A good tip for fading is to do a clear or orange glaze after the dye. It adds an extra coating of shine and protection from fading. I always do this on all my red clients. Also overtone makes a great orange conditioner.


  2. Thank you for this helpful post. I actually went ginger thanks to you just a few days ago. I’m wondering, what color do you use to get that darker shade in your bangs/how do you use the color to get different results?

    XO, Flo


    1. Hi lovely!
      Aw that’s so sweet that i inspired you to go ginger, feel very honored!
      It goes slightly darker on the roots because my natural colour is a dark brown and the ends of my hair had been bleached a couple of years ago so it always ends up two slightly different shades!
      hope that helps sweet pea x


  3. Have you ever tried to dye your hair with henna? Lush sells bricks specifically for that purpose and it comes out looking quite beautiful and it doesn’t damage your hair as much!


    1. I haven’t ever tried it but after seeing this comment i’m definitely going to be testing it out next!
      i’ll make sure to post a blog about it telling you all about the experience!


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