Our trip to YORK

I recently got a week off my full time job as holiday so Robbie and I decided to treat ourselves and spend 2 days in the wonderful York!

I’m pretty happy as the weather was good to us and didn’t rain at all, which is helpful when you’re spending a good 9 hours wandering around. We pretty much spent the entire time looking for the next place to sit and eat something yummy so the majority of this blog is food related!

I’d already heard amazing things about a couple of places which included the house of trembling madness which did not disappoint! Unfortunately every time we went in it was too busy so we settled on buying a few beers from the shop (the beer selection is bloody amazing especially if you’re obsessed with sour beers like myself) and taking them back to our wonderful hotel called stay city apart on paragon street. We got a lovely little view from our hotel window too so we were definitely not disappointed!

We also found an amazing little vintage shop which I mentioned in my previous blog post called ‘Chinese laundry’ where I managed to pick up the cutest little brown chord dress and Robbie got a vintage carhartt jacket for super cheap!

After numerous coffee shop visits, food to fill our bellies and wandering our little feet just couldn’t take it anymore so we took a visit to the city screen picture house and watched Doctor strange which was pretty fantastic!

Fab weekend xox

Stay city apart hotel with pretty fantastic view
House of trembling madness’s beer collection





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