3 nights in LONDON & PATD

If you know me quite well you’ll know i’m absolutely in love with London so i thought i’d treat Robbie and myself to a few nights away to see one of my all time favourite bands since i was 12 – Panic at the disco who were playing over at Alexandra Palace (which is one of the most beautiful venues i’ve ever been in)

We started off with a hotel right in the centre of London called Thistle hotel, literally right next to Euston underground and train station so perfect if you’re planning on travelling about on the tube a lot! I’d previously read so many good reviews so i was pretty excited about our stay there. We went for a standard double room and i wasn’t expecting much, but even the standard room was larger than needed! We also got free choccies, slippers and a super cosy dressing gown which did not disappoint! It also had a wonderful walk in shower very similar to the one we have here at home so it was a bit like home from home!

We started off on the Saturday exploring a bit, mostly over in the larger shopping areas (which was a big mistake as it was a Saturday afternoon) but then we found all the little gem shops in the soho area and were at ease! We finally managed to visit beyond retro – a huge vintage shop based in London and i managed to pick up a babe’n orange flannel shirt to add to the collection, a sweatshirt and a little vintage crop tee.
We also visited Forbidden planet which was pretty fantastic (witnessed someone knock off the head of a super expensive bat woman ornament too)

On the Sunday we decided to head over to the London eye and the clock tower to visit the Aquarium! Lots of fun and was a tonne bigger than we first thought. It was really wonderful however if you’re a couple i would advise going on a weekday to avoid the rush as the kids are off on weekends and it can get pretty hectic!

We then headed to Camden and it was just as good as it was last time i visited – full of vintage shops, amazing food and some perfect little goodie shops. We picked up some wonderful prints and t shirts while we were there which i’ll take a photo of and add when they’re framed! There’s just something about Camden which makes me fall in love with it, the atmosphere and the people there are just wonderful.

Then we headed over to Alexandra Palace to see Panic At The Disco on their last tour date which was honestly something else. The venue itself was breathtaking and the view of London from there was spectacular. One of the best venues I’ve visited and PATD were amazing. It was really something special and the performance was the best i’ve seen out the 5 times i’ve seen them previously. Was absolutely wonderful to see them play at such a big venue as a change from back in the day when they played small academy’s, felt so proud! They’re one of the bands that have had such a positive effect on me, especially when i’ve been going through a tough time. It’s very hard to explain if you don’t have a band that helps you through times like that, but the only way i could describe when i see them play live is a mixture of feelings that make me want to cry but cry with happiness. Only thing i would have loved even more is if they had played more from a fever you cant sweat! But they definitely made up for it by singing their version of bohemian rhapsody which was absolutely surreal! Gig was 11/10 and the venue was also 11/10 for real.


Did any of you go and see Panic and if so what did you think?!
Also if any of you have any ideas for our next visit then please comment!
Best wishes to you all xx

Thistle Hotel
Thistle Hotel


Beyond retro
London eye


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