It’s COOL to be yourself

I thought I’d do another blog post on my thoughts on something, and this somethings pretty damn big to me because i feel like it’s an important thing to address. I do usually end up rambling a bit on posts like this so apologies if you’re hoping for me to get straight down to it and tell you why i think its pretty damn great everyone’s unique in their own way.

SO, here’s the story:

I use to have days in my teens where i felt like shit about myself, like really shit. If i ever bought anything that was slightly out of my comfort zone i would NEVER wear it purely because if i felt like i was uncomfortable in it i would assume everyone would be laughing. I also use to feel like i couldn’t be completely myself as i thought people would think i was odd. (this was massively the case in some jobs i’ve had in the past)  It was awful because i use to look at inspirational famous people and be like ‘oh great, i wish i could be like that’ – i could be like that but my mind was just not letting me. My mind was stopping me from being truly happy and i let it do that? why?  – Once you’ve realised that your mind is the problem in this situation you can finally pass that stump in the road and start healing (quick link back to a few of my past blog posts on anxiety and depression)

London fashion week and festivals in general sparked me to create this post as i feel like they’re actually pretty inspiring. I’ve seen so many fashion photos over on Instagram and Twitter and something occurred to me – what even is fashion? all of these people are dressed in such a unique style and seemingly give no fucks about whether or not someone likes it or doesn’t. It’s great because if people cared less about what people thought of them maybe it would all be 10/10 happy positive vibes!

BASICALLY, what i’m trying to say is don’t ever let your mind convince yourself that you can’t be how you want to be. Don’t let it convince you that you can’t wear certain things because you’d look ‘silly’ when i bet in reality you’d look BABE’N. Do what you wanna do and just be YOURSELF. Have you ever met a person who’s so genuine and down to earth you just can’t help but love them? you always remember those sorts of people because they’re just so happy in their own skin and absolutely mesmerising. For example

Noel fielding – king of weird, king of cool.

This guy is undoubtedly one of my favourite comedians on the planet. I first watched him in the mighty boosh when i was around 11/12 i was absolutely in awe at how cool he was and it just stayed with me ever since. I watched him on shows like big fat quiz of the year and never mind the Buzzcocks and i’d always feel so reassured afterwards knowing that it’s totally cool to be a bit weird and wacky. His outfits are always the BOMB, in fact to be honest he’d be able to pull off a bloody bin bag because his personality just shines through regardless. To be honest i really couldn’t explain to you guys how much of an inspiration he is to me but if you get it, then you get it!

There’s countless other people i could name that inspire me everyday, sometimes for their unique fashion sense, others for their attitude towards life. I just think its beautiful when someone is honest and truly themselves. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Something i’ve learned this year is that not everyone is going to dig your style, not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to understand you, but fuck, at least you get to live your life being yourself, all your little quirks and all ❤ xox



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