Edinburgh & 24 Royal Terrace review

Robbie and i finally managed to go on a little holiday again for my 22nd birthday, so of course what better place to visit than the absolutely beaut Scottish city Edinburgh.

I actually hadn’t visited Edinburgh for about 7 years so it was real nice going back and remembering little bits and bobs about it. It’s odd because the city its self reminds me slightly of London except a million times more laid back.
For starters we arrived at about 5pm when the sun was setting, the weather was beaut and we took the scenic route to the hotel over Calton hill where i got some amazing shots of the entire city and the sea, you could honestly see for miles. After a rather shakey legged walk back down the hill we finally scoped out our hotel just at the bottom of the hill on a wonderful row of Georgian townhouses. We were greeted by a lovely scottish lady who couldn’t have been more polite and helpful, mapping out all of the best places to visit on our stay and taking us up to the hotel room which was on the 3rd floor, we passed several huge art prints of work i fully appreciated, very abstract and totally gave you an artsy boutique feel. Our room was also AMAZING, We’d went for the ‘superior double’ which was a large double bed with a very stylish bath tub in the corner of the room. It had an absolutely gorgeous dark wood dressing table which i would have happily taken home with me if i could have. It had a super high ceiling which meant massive windows (which is always the best). We also got complimentary slippers and dressing gowns which i fully took advantage of!

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We’d booked tickets to see Logan at the Omni vue cinema which turned out to be right around the corner so we were of course over the moon, so we had a slow stroll over and bought popcorn for days. Logan was also one of the best movies i’ve seen in a LONG time, being a huge Hugh Jackman fan and knowing this was his last appearance as Wolverine hit me hard so i was of course expecting big things from it, and it completely delivered. It didn’t really give you that super hero cheese vibe either, in fact it’s so brutal and grim you completely forget it’s a marvel movie. Basically we loved it so much we bought tickets to see it again for the second time the night after! I’ll be writing a more in depth review on it shortly so i’ll link it here when it’s ready for all you movie fans!
After the movie i’d pretty much cried so much i looked like a member outta the band KISS so we couldn’t have gone anywhere even if we’d wanted to, we walked back to the hotel and ran a bath in the adorable free standing tub in our room and it was beaut. Best bath Robbie and i have had in a hotel, ever, and we even got to watch family guy too!


Over the next few days we managed to visit Edinburgh’s National museum of Scotland which to our surprise was completely free! It had art and design/fashion galleries, scottish history, science and technology, world cultures and our favourite of all natural world where they’ve got tonne of dinosaur bones and taxidermy animals and you can find out a whole load of interesting facts. We also visited Edinburgh Zoo which was tonnes of fun and super dead as we went on a school day (definitely advise you to go through the week if you’re wanting to see the animals properly!) Wasn’t hugely expensive and if you go around the park completely (be prepared for a lot of up hill walking if you wanna get a peak of the lions and tigers) you definitely get your moneys worth! Something i really liked about the park was that they include on each of the animals description how they’re helping the species out in the terms of wether they’re endangered or if their habitat is being taken from them etc.

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After a few too many baths and a couple of lazy mornings we finally checked out 24 Royal terrace, and i can say for sure we’ll be going there again. It’s been our favourite hotel out of all we’ve visited, not just because of the rooms being beautiful but because the staff seemed super genuine and really lovely. You don’t really get that ‘hotel’ vibe at all, it’s super homely, quirky and welcoming. I’d tell all of you to book with them asap because it’s such a good hidden gem! Their website is http://www.24royalterrace.co.uk/


So the weather has been perfect for us, it’s really felt like spring the past few days and after treating ourselves to more than too many Mcdonalds we’re finally ready to go back home to our cosy Apartment and sleep in our little bed again ❤

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Enjoy, we love you all ❤

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