Taking opportunities FT Barbour international shoot

I recently went for breakfast with the wonderful loves at Barbour international which included a quick Q & A and a shoot (and LOADSA tea and pancakes)

Barbour international are a stand alone brand which has both men and womens clothes inspired by the classic biker look which is both effortless and stylish.
I was lucky enough to be kitted out into the SS17 collection which features beaut oversized sweats, modern shirt shapes and nautical stripes.
You can find the Q&A here, where i discuss my illustrations, music and what being free spirited means to me.

I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about how far i’ve came confidence wise since being a kid. If i’d have been asked to do all these shoots and have all these opportunities put in front of me even a year ago, i probably would have politely declined as i hated being out of my comfort zone. I of course still have days where i like to snuggle up with a hot water bottle and enjoy some time relaxing, but i just make sure there’s very few of them as once i get into that zone it’s very hard to come out of it again.

All i’m trying to say is everyone should enjoy a relaxing day or week once in a while, but do not let those lazy days that you could have next week take away possible opportunities that are in front of you today!

On the shoot i wore Barbour’s B.Intl Koso Top paired with our B.Intl Scrambler Skinny Jeans.unnamed (2)unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed (6)unnamedxxxx

Photographer – Steven Landles 



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