Food IS bae

Hello lovelies,

Hope you’re all enjoying the amazing weather and staying safe with lottttts of suncream!
I wanted to write a quite light-hearted personal post for you all, in hopes it may help a couple of you if you’re struggling with the same situation!

From a young age i’ve never really been too fussed about food, and i’ve always had a sweet tooth over savoury for sure (all dem puds) I get full quickly, which means once i’m done with a meal, i’m DONE. I distinctly remember throwing a lot of my tea out and hiding it under other things in the bin so my mum wouldn’t see when i was a kid. It’s never been something that i’ve sat and thought ‘i’m not going to eat today’ or something that i’ve chosen not to do for any particular reason other than the fact i wasn’t hungry.

Stop using sugar as an energy booster

Since leaving college i pretty much powered myself on sugar. It started off with caramel lattes with a few too many sugars stirred in to get me through early mornings at one of my first jobs, which then went to chocolate bars and energy drinks. I’d have the occasional sandwich or healthy snack (to make me FEEL like i was doing good) and maybe one proper meal if i went to my boyfriends mums for tea, which i would devour as my body would literally be starving. The chocolate bars are not enough to get you through a whole day, and neither is the 5 sugars in your cup of tea! Make sure you get some healthier options in there too, like a little salad or tuna & cheese wrap! Literally anything that isn’t your average joe sugar snack.

create a food schedule

I started realising more recently with the more jobs i got sent to go here, there and everywhere that i just didn’t have the energy to go and do them, If i get up early (by early i mean 7am) the chances of me needing a nap by the early afternoon are pretty high, i’ll be exhausted to the point of not being able to even function and this is literally because i haven’t eaten enough in the day for the energy i’m using. Creating a good food schedule and sticking to it is vital, you need to get into the habit of eating little and often as my mum would say. Setting certain times of day for snacks and meals will mean you have to find time to do it.

make a list of all the foods you love

I know not everyone loves being organised and creating lists! But if its something you enjoy, create a small list of foods you absolutely love, and make sure you have them all in a week! It sounds daft but you’d be surprised at how much more keen you are to eat if the foods you love are sitting waiting for you! It’s a great way to start eating more!


Last but not least please don’t forget to treat yo self! As long as you’ve got a balanced and healthy diet fit to your lifestyle, treat yo self all you want. Grab that Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! I honestly wrote this eating two iced donuts and have no regrets.

If anyone else is in the same situation i’d really love to hear from you, would be nice to have someone else with me in this journey of eating better as I’m just at the beginning myself!

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