Struggling with the creative slump? Here’s some tips!

We ALL struggle on the daily with creative slumps and feeling stuck in a rut, so i thought, what better time to create a blog post on staying inspired when I’m feeling at my peak with inspirations! Here’s a little list of things that keep me motivated and inspired to do my job

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This is a major one as the more you stress the more your creative juices just wont flow, honest. Give yourself a day off where you concentrate on other things, have family time or have a little adventure out! Basically take your mind off the slump and go out and do something! This usually gets me into semi inspired mode as I’ll have seen things throughout the day that have made me think ‘THAT’S what i needed’ which leads me onto my next thing…



You’re probably all going to hate me for mentioning the dreaded lists again but HONESTLY, they help so much. From staying organised with previous blog ideas to future ones, if you’re out and about doing your thang and think of something positively amazing, NOTE IT DOWN. There’s been so many times I’ve been falling asleep and have thought about some crazy good ideas that I’ve completely forgot about the next morning, if only i’d wrote it down. The more you get noted down the more content you have for your next creative slump too (unless you’re lucky and never have one again!)



This is a surprising one i found recently as originally I’d stay clear of other people’s blogs when i was feeling un-inspired as i’d then feel like i wasn’t doing good enough HOWEVER, i began realising when i read other people’s blogs that it inspired me to start writing again. Sometimes it would be fashion inspired, which would help me gain my confidence back realising i could wear WHAT i wanted and others would be simple blog posts based on ideas like ‘how to write better blog posts’ – basically a tonne of ‘how to’s‘! Magazines are great too as they’re constantly discussing new and ‘in‘ things that are popular, so you’re constantly gaining ideas!


Pinterest and the Instagram suggested page have been life savers for me in terms of finding inspiration in photos and content. Pinterest is especially good as you can literally search for anything you like and there will be tonnes of photos linking to it. Instagram suggested page is usually where i find new people to follow, and you always get that inspirational feeling when you find someone you think is posts super cool content and is genuine!

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If you’re not up for writing a new blog post, change-up your Instagram style or edit photos you have that are scheduled to be posted onto your social media. Don’t be afraid to change it up a bit, as you may feel more inspired changing your style slightly! You’re constantly growing as a person so it’s understandable if you need to adjust your content!


One of the main things i use to struggle with was voicing my opinion or saying what i believed in online in case it was judged, i think it’s important to speak your mind. If you’ve got a topic you’re unsure about discussing which is making you feel stuck in a rut, write your post out and sleep on it. If you don’t decide to post it, you have it there for when you’re ready too! Also from writing a full blog post you’re passionate about, it may inspire you to keep writing!


Hope these little tips help you gain some of your funk back,
Let me know if you have any tips yourselves on how to get out of a creative rut!





One thought on “Struggling with the creative slump? Here’s some tips!

  1. This is very helpful! I’m experiencing such a creative rut at the moment that all my creative energy is zapped by work, and I don’t have much time to write for fun anymore. But I feel like trying something new definitely might be on the cards!


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