The Expiry Date | SK-II #changedestiny

I was recently shown the video ‘the expiry date’ – created by the wonderful brand SK-II and have felt immensely inspired since watching it. I’m a huge supporter of the brand SK-II and the motivational messages they spread with their campaigns, this one however really struck a chord with me. It discusses age related stress and shows you that many people (women in particular) around the world have the fear that they have a ‘expiry date’ – due to what society expects and see’s as normal, whether it be creating a family or becoming married in your 20’s, it’s something a lot of ladies in particular feel pressured into thinking they must do before a certain time in their life.

Throughout the video you see 3 different women experience anxiety and pressure over relationships, dating and numerous other things. It’s set in 3 different cities with 3 completely different scenarios which is perfect as it means more people can watch and relate to it on a certain level. The film itself not only motivates change but also finding acceptance in yourself, which i think is so important. One of the things i really admire about the film is they really bring the non existant ‘expiry date’ to life which almost shocks you slightly as you don’t realize how upsetting it is.

The video itself was executed so elegantly and really made you feel something, I know many people around the world can relate to this issue. I can completely understand why some women feel like they’re passing their ‘non existent’ use by date, I have many friends hitting 27/28 feeling like they haven’t got their life together as they haven’t found ‘the one’ or haven’t started a family, when in reality EVERYONE is different. Everyone has different dreams and ambitions, what one person may want before they’re 30 might not be what YOU want. This is the problem people face everyday, you’re constantly being asked “when are you getting married?” “are kids happening soon?” – this can be so uncomfortable for some people as sometimes it’s not something they have an interest in or have even considered. It can be the similar case for jobs, if you don’t have a good paying job or a job that’s seen as being financially stable, people are always quick to judge. If it’s not seen as being the norm then you’re frightened of being excluded, you’re frightened that people won’t accept you or that people won’t stand by you, this is honestly all in your mind. Those people who will judge you are not worth being in your life, the people that exclude you did not deserve you in their lives and the people that didn’t stand by you will regret it hugely in the years to come.



I really love the message SKI-II are sharing with the world and I honestly take my hat of to them for this campaign. It’s so encouraging that they’re discussing such a serious matter and really motivating women to realise they CAN do their own thing, and that there is people in the world that will not judge them for it. It’s so important to remind young people of today that following your dreams can come before creating a family or settling down, in fact it’s important to remind even people in their 30’s/40’s/50’s that there is still plenty of time to follow your dreams and find your passion. Towards the end of the video you see the women overcoming their fears of having an expiry date, and finally feeling free and happy to do what they want to do, that’s how everyone should feel in life.

Don’t let society make you think you have to life your life a certain way. #changedestiny #ineverexpire #SKII #inpartnershipwithskii


2 thoughts on “The Expiry Date | SK-II #changedestiny

  1. I love SK-II and what the brand represents! Thank you for the post and pop over sometime (I love SK-II and have review a couple of products on my blog if you’re interested!).



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