Redhead Upkeep and fringey styling

So if you’re reading this I can only assume you either are a redhead or are attempting to become a fellow cinnamon girl – i thought since this blog post is LONG over due I’d finally sit down and chat to you lovelies about keeping your ginger locks vibrant in between salon (or home dye) visits and how i style my hair.

Now please do bare with me as I haven’t written a blog post in about a million years (and yes i do apologise that my spelling and what not has NOT gotten any better, probably worse, woops)

So at the moment I currently get my hair dyed at a wonderful boutique salon in London Dalston called ‘blue tit’ – you’ll have most definitely have heard of their salons if you live in or around London – each salon has a pretty individual look about it and if you love aesthetically pleasing interiors, this is the place to be. I get my locks coloured by the fabulous Declan who is the colour technician and he completely SAVED my hair last year on my first visit.
All I’m gonna say is that a photo can be very deceiving, for about the first year and a half of being a red-head I would use box dyes (if you’re wondering which one, i would use the Garnier Olia range in intense copper) and it would normally leave my hair super patchy and a lot more red than i wanted (which is easy to hide in a selfie) If you’re good at dying your own hair then dye away but if not, i really don’t recommend home dying, and i know your first salon visit can be daunting but it’s most definitely worth it for the outcome.

After my first visit I was sent away with a mix of Olaplex and the dye Declan used to colour my hair (i will ask what dye this is next time I’m in so i can note it down here, so bare with me) this was to use in between salon visits to keep my hair vibrant and stop it from fading so much!

If you’re after a more vibrant orange with that natural look still there, i’d recommend using the arctic fox semi permanent dye in sunset orange. On weeks i’m wanting a little change, id simply pour some dye into hot water and dip my hair in there for about 5 mins, it’ll leave you with a nice orange-y red tint for about 3 – 5 days!

Most recently I’ve been using a conditioner and shampoo by Davines (they also use this at the salon too!) they’re both Davines Alchemic range in red, they honestly work an absolute treat! I’d normally try to leave the conditioner on for at least 10 mins, and it leaves your hair looking vibrant and in amazing condition! I’ve tried a lot of shampoos and conditioners for the past 2 years I’ve been a red-head and this brand is, by far, the best for keeping the colour fresh! Purchase products here –

Processed with VSCO with g6 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetuse code ‘jemma10’ for discount on Davines Products via the blue tit website

There’s a lot of damage done constantly dying and using heat products too, so please don’t forget to use a hair mask at least once a week, I started using the Davines NouNou Hair mask and saw a difference within about 3 weeks of using – just simply leave on your hair for around 30 – 45  mins and rinse off.

If you purchase the items noted from the website listed above, use code JEMMA10 for some money off your order too! (Helping you fellow red heads out one day at a time)

Fringe stuff 

In terms of styling, I know a lot of you ask how i style my fringe – this is simply just cut into a full thick fringe with longer hair on the sides, then curled under with straighteners and parted either in the centre or towards the side! I’m still learning ways to style it (even after 5 years of having a fringe) so using pinterest is fab for finding inspirational fringes (haha that sounds weird)  Just play around with what works for you and love your fringe no matter what! (you have no idea how many times I’ve desperately wished for a naturally super curly fringe)


I’ll do a blog post soon about products i use on my hair daily, including how i keep volume during wavy days and keeping it healthy!

Any questions let me know angels,

Stay safe x


One thought on “Redhead Upkeep and fringey styling

  1. Hi! I just got my hair done because I saw yours online and fell in love with the color! I’m currently in Japan and their products for dyed hair are a bit lacking in comparison to back home. I’m going to try these since I want to protect my hair as much as possible. Thanks for the recommendations!! 🙂


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