Theos new love – Freshpet!


Anyone who has a spaniel (or any doggo for that matter) will know how
unbelievably difficult it is to get a cute shot whilst food is involved, especially
when its the tastiest freshest dog food available – but I’d like to say we did a good
enough job trying to capture how much our Theo is enjoying his meal time these
days! We were over the moon to be trying out the pet food brand Freshpet
(especially Theo ofc) and I’m excited to share this Freshpet review with you!

Robbie and I have been pretty keen on making sure Theo eats an all-natural and healthy diet, since he’s still a wee growing pup (6 months going onto the mini teen phase lets say). We are thrilled to be feeding him natural gently cooked food kept in the refrigerator with no nasties! Freshpet is terrific if you’re looking for simple ingredients, but also something that tastes good. They also have grain free dog food options. You also know its good when you can see the fresh meat and veggies peeping out at you.

His Freshpet puppy food has been going down an absolute treat with no corn,
wheat or artificial preservatives, we really feel at ease knowing he’s getting all the
good stuff he needs to grow into a strong and healthy lil angel! We 100% know
it’s doing something good as his coat is looking glossier than ever, and he seems
to be a little TOO excited for meal times these days! (he’s just chicken
Check out Freshpet product in the fridge section of your local grocery store!

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    All opinions are my own
This blog post is sponsored by Freshpet

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