My most used and loved Cruelty-free Haircare & Skincare products!

Hello lovelies!

After many requests, I thought I would finally make a blog post featuring products i’ve been using for many years and my new found loves!

ALL products are Cruelty free (a couple are also vegan!) So i hope you all love them!

Just a quick note to say all opinions are my own and are genuine, this is not a sponsored blog post and non of the brands have asked to be apart of this!


Blemish control cleanser – Mabel and meg,
lumilixir – Mabel and meg,
pure aloe Vera gel – pranaturals

These three products are quite honestly my most treasured, I said to myself back in 2018 that instead of finding the ‘perfect’ foundation, I was going to find a skincare routine that improved my skin (which ultimately left me with skin that was so lovely I didn’t have to wear foundation anymore!!!) I still have bad weeks ofc, I’m still stuck with the dreaded period spots which can get super uncomfortable and make you feel v poo but these products actually help bring down the redness!

Something that isn’t pictured is my Turkish hammam bath glove – when I was desperately searching the internet for acne fixes I came across many people stating that using this gets rid of all the dead skin cells and improves circulation, at such a cheap price I thought why the hell not! I usually use this after a hot shower or bath (make sure your face is clean and you’ve removed any soap etc)!

Pranaturals Aloe Vera Gel 

On another evening of desperately searching for acne and spot relief I came across a tonne of ladies discussing on a thread that they use pure aloe Vera gel before bed + when they wake up their acne/spots have reduced in redness and their skin feels less agitated – I quite literally went onto amazon, typed in pure aloe Vera gel and this wonderful product popped up (it’s also vegan and cruelty free which was a pro too!) I bought this straight away and OH BOY I’m glad I did, the reviews were amazing so I was obviously super excited to see what the rage was about and honestly, I put it on before bed and it did exactly what all the ladies were saying! I use this every evening (also sometimes on a morning if I feel like my skin looks a bit dull) such a fab product and again, not breaking the bank!

Mabel and meg Lumilixir Serum

Right, this one is my favourite of all, I started using the Mabel and meg lumilixir serum back in 2017 and I’ve since bought around 5 bottles because I’m so obsessed, I put a few drops on my cheeks, forehead and chin and it smooths your complexion, hydrates and brightens your skin and just genuinely does wonders (if you don’t trust my opinion though you can go and view all the reviews on their website and you will see how loved it is!!!) Also fab for makeup and no makeup days, No makeup days as your skin looks fantastic but if you’re going somewhere fancy makeup seems to go on a lot smoother once you’ve let the product dry!

Mabel & Meg Cleanser

I then go ahead and use the Mabel and meg cleanser – I’ve been a fan of this brand since 2017 so I was over the moon to try this product out after being in LOVE with their skin lumilixir for so long, and I gotta say it’s been a dream! I think I’ve mentioned before but I’m always super worried about going ahead and using new skincare in case it makes my skin worse but this did the total opposite!


Lush – Big shampoo
Lush – Roots haircare treatment
Lush – American Cream Conditioner 

Lush – Big shampoo 

Love using this shampoo if i feel like my hairs a wee bit flat! – It’s made with seaweed and sea salt, which sounds scary but it’s amazing for volumizing hair! A little bit goes a long way too so if you’re not using this every wash it does last a while! I use it around once a week and its such a treat as it smells amazingggg!

Lush Roots Hair care Treatment

This is a new one that i was recommended a few months ago by a lovely lady on Instagram (thank you if you’re reading this!) It’s a scalp and hair mask treatment that has tonnes of lovely ingredients including spearmint and peppermint which are meant to stimulate the scalp! My hair was seriously looking horrendous, bits where snapping off and it just felt dry and awful – after buying this it does look and feel a lot healthier (thank goodness!) i use it once a week and leave it on during bath time, gives you a lovely minty fresh head during your bath (haha) Its a little pricey but completely worth it if your hair needs a lift!

Lush American Cream Conditioner 

Once of my all time favourite conditioners (and not just because it smells bloody amazing) Leaves your hair so soft and doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy! I just love this product tonnes!

Mane n tail – Deep moisturising shampoo 
Mane n tail – Detangler 

Mane n tail Deep moisturising shampoo 

No matter what, i ALWAYS go back to this shampoo! This is my daily shampoo that i use most washes, It leaves my hair feeling so lovely and soft and i have next to no breakages (compared to a couple of shampoos i used last year that WRECKED my hair)! My hair has gone back to being thick and lovely again and (i’m not sure if i’m totally crazy) but i swear my hair grows SO much quicker!!! I’ve been using this shampoo since Robbies mum gave me some back in 2017 and its truly an all time fave (and the brand are SO lovely too so tonnes of love to them!)

Mane n Tail Detangler

This is one of those products you didn’t know you needed until you try it and it changes YOUR LIFE, ok maybe not your life but it changes your hair!!!! I don’t tend to think much of the leave on sprays as i don’t really think they do much to help your hair but holy hell, the day i tried this i was in shock! It left my hair feeling so amazing and soft, i really don’t know how else to describe it. My hair is getting super long now so brushing it after showering is just a walk in the park now, such a gem!

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