Funny sleeping habits & tips on getting a good nights sleep!

Hello, It’s Jemma & Robbie here!

We wanted to create a post together this time around and it’s about something EVERYONE does and needs in their life, good ol’ sleep! whether you like to sleep a wee 4 hrs a night or a long 10 hrs, whether you’re a night owl, duvet hogger or over heater, we’re going to write our top tips on getting a super snooze in every night, with some added ‘weird and wonderful’ habits we have before drifting off! –

Find the right Temp & Bedding! (The Over-Heater)

We’ve put this one first because honestly, there is nothing worse than being too hot (or cold) at night! We’ve had some traumatic experiences at hotels we’ve stayed in where we couldn’t find the temperature adjustment & the quilt has been too thick – it’s a recipe for disaster! (especially when we’re both so cranky if we haven’t slept well, whoops)- we made sure to invest in a fan for our bedroom (we live in a house south-west facing so our bedroom gets ridiculously hot in the summer!) and linen bed sheets have changed our lives!!! Linen has natural temperature regulating properties, making it so much more breathable & cooler, perfect if you’re an over heater! We’ve also read that linen bed sheets are much better for sensitive skin, so its a win win when we both have skin that needs a lil extra lovin & care! Our eve sleep mattress is also able to regulate temperatures, so the chances of you getting too warm in the night is slim! (thank goodness!)

Bed sheets are Evesleep in Khaki/taupe

Gimme the quilt – The quilt hogger!

This one always makes me laugh a little as it’s always been me (Jemma) that ends up taking a wee bit more quilt than I’m meant too (sorry robs!!!!), Although – since getting a King size bed & quilt – we haven’t seemed to have had that problem as much! It’s a weird one but if your loved one is taking the quilt away in the night & you currently have a double just invest in a larger quilt! I mean, even with us having a king size bed Theo does like to jump up in the mornings and then somehow manages to take most of the quilt for himself (its MIND boggling!) Goodness knows what the mornings will be like when we have mini Robbies & Jemmas taking up all the snugglyness! (it’ll be great!)


Relaxation & Breathing (the over-thinker)

This is one i try to do (Jemma) Almost every night, i purchased a book called ‘the mini book of mindfulness’ and i tend to do some of the techniques in that before bed (It’s all about living in the moment and relaxing your mind!) Really fab for over-thinkers! For breathing i actually started to just breathe through my nose very deeply (i hope that makes sense!) and found that i fall asleep within minutes! (seriously try it out!) I also think it helps having a mattress that is a mix of soft & firm! Our Evesleep is perfect for relaxing into and not feeling like you’re just floating on a god damn marshmallow.

Noise matters! (for the easily irritable)

It’s an obvious one that noise affects sleep massively, There’s a dog that lives opposite us and even with the windows CLOSED we still hear it every. god. damn. morning barking its bark off like there’s no tomorrow! (which makes Theo so confused, bless him) So we tend to always sleep with the windows closed (another reason we invested in a glorious fan!) Sometimes if I’m (Jemma) not feeling well I’ll go have a nap and listen to the sound of a Hoover on YouTube… I don’t know why but it just makes me so sleepy and calm (always has since i was little!) So if there’s a relaxing sound you like consider playing that until you drift off! And then there’s also double glazing, SO IMPORTANT!

Baths, are good for you!

Said in the same way as the ‘bacon, is good for you!’ – baths truly are a blessing!!! Somehow have gotten into a habit of having a candlelit bath before bed and it totally knocks you out! Your temperature naturally drops before bedtime so having a bath to warm you up causes a steeper drop sending you into a deeper sleep.

The Mattress! (The Hero)

It wont be a shock to you that this is actually the most important part of a good nights sleep, Jemmas first ever double bed mattress before we lived together was hell on earth, you could feel the springs sticking in your back, no mattress topper was saving that! – When we finally had enough money coming in we made sure that a new mattress was on the cards, we’ve used foam mattresses now for quite a few years! only recently switching to the classic eve mattress – which is suitable for all types of sleepers!

We’ve slept on the new mattress for a few nights now and have absolutely loved it so far! Always say it takes a few nights to adjust to it, as when it first arrives it a little more firm than it will be in a few months! No aches and pains and all around extremely happy with the product, actually feel refreshed on a morning and ready to start the day! Jemma can be a bit of a wriggler at night sometimes so the fact its motion absorption is great too! We would 100% recommend purchasing if you’re in need of a new mattress!

We also just want to mention how WONDERFUL the Evesleep website is… Not only do they sell mattresses but also bed frames, bedding, baby beds & home accessories (which we will definitely be dipping into soon!) Just lovely for a bed brand to be offering all the essentials and more, so perfect if you’re re-doing your room and need everything!
(they’ve also got an offer on with £104 off any mattresses (except baby bundles and single sizes!) up until the 17th!

We hope this helped you guys out and let us know if you have any questions about the mattress!

Robbie & Jemma xox

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This blog post was sponsored by Evesleep however all opinions are our own!

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