As there has been an increase in fake profiles using my photos and my REAL name which was super horrifying for me and my partner Robbie, i thought id just clear some things up on here so you know what’s legit and what isn’t.

I have ONE facebook profile, which is completely private with only Family and friends i know IN PERSON on there, i do not accept anyone i don’t know.

I have ONE Instagram profile, under the name @_Jemmawade.

I have ONE twitter which is under the name @_Jemmawade.

I own NO other accounts/social media – i’m not on ANY dating sites/tumblr/reddit – So anything you come across either using my pictures and or/real name is fake and will need to be reported – you can either contact me to get it taken down or contact the site directly.

If me or my partner are notified or come across ANY more profiles impersonating me and using my real info, i will be getting the police involved as its illegal – you should be aware of your actions and understand the consequences of taking someones identity.

You can read more about my post i made on this HERE

Thanks lovelies x